Summary of new ATLAS results from 2022 Winter Conferences

10 March 2022 | By

2022 Winter Conferences

The winter conference season is in full swing! 2022 marks the return of full auditoriums and coffee-break chats, as the La Thuile and Rencontres de Moriond conferences welcome participants to venues in the Italian Alps. These are the first large-scale, international particle physics conferences to be held in person in the COVID era – reuniting experimentalists and theorists after almost two years of virtual meetings.

The La Thuile conference began on Sunday 6 March, followed closely by the first Moriond conference, Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, on 12 March. The second Moriond conference, QCD and High Energy Interactions, begins one week later on 19 March. ATLAS Collaboration members will be in attendance throughout, presenting a feast of physics results based on the full LHC Run 2 dataset (recorded 2015–2018).

As researchers cast their lines into the pool of Run 2 data, they are using ever-more creative bait to lure out rare phenomena. Throughout the conferences, ATLAS scientists will share what they’ve pulled to the surface, including first-of-a-kind observations of Standard Model processes and the most recent insights in the search for new physics.

Key results will be explored in physics briefings, with many more presented in conference talks. Explore all of the latest ATLAS results in the links below, which will be updated continuously throughout March.

Latest Physics Briefings and News

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New results presented at the 2022 Winter Conferences

Exotic New Physics

Higgs boson

Standard Model

Scalar boson and diboson searches

Top quark


Combined Performance

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