ATLAS to present new results at Moriond

19 March 2017 | By

First day of talks at Les Rencontres de Moriond 2017. (Image: C. Adam-Bourdarios/ATLAS Collaboration)

Every March for the past 50 years, particles physicists have been heading to the mountains. The terminus of this migration? Les Rencontres de Moriond, one of the year’s first major conference for high-energy physics.

From March 19th to April 1st 2017, the Moriond conference will be uniting experimentalists and theorists to discuss new findings from across the high-energy physics community. In the spirit of Moriond, young researchers are encouraged to give the presentations, and informal conversations are encouraged which may lead to new ideas and opportunities for future research.

This year, the ATLAS Collaboration will be presenting the latest analyses of data gathered during Run 2 of the Large Hadron Collider. Emphasis will be given to stringent searches for "new physics", for which the full dataset recorded during 2016 is already included. Another focus for ATLAS will be the recent high-precision measurements of Standard Model parameters using the highly-scrutinised and well-understood Run 1 dataset. Physics Briefings will be released throughout the conference, highlighting the new ATLAS results.

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