Silvia Sparaciari

Silvia Sparaciari

Silvia arrived at ATLAS after a degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Science Communication. She joined the ATLAS Outreach group for a three-months internship, during which she had the opportunity to write a few articles for the ATLAS web page.

Dortmund students work with ATLAS data

The ATLAS Open Data platform is inspiring new ways to teach high-energy physics. Universities can incorporate the data into their curriculum, giving their students hands-on analysis experience and introducing them to the world of research.

29 September 2016

An exceptional summer

For many students, summer means sun and beach volleyball. For some, though, it is an opportunity to learn at ATLAS! Thanks to CERN’s Summer Student Programme, every year dozens of university students come to ATLAS to spend their holidays in this unique environment. During these three months they alternate between lectures and work, always supported by their supervisors. This summer, ATLAS hosted 50 students from 31 different countries. Here are some of their stories.

30 August 2016