Claire Adam-Bourdarios

Claire Adam-Bourdarios

Claire Adam-Bourdarios is a French physicist from LAPP, Annecy, partially based at CERN. She served as ATLAS outreach coordinator for 3 years and is now involved in the development of the ORIGIN art-science network. 

Behind the scenes at ATLAS Week

A few times a year, the large LHC collaborations such as ATLAS organise an internal overview session. This photo essay will take you to the most recent of these “ATLAS Weeks” – giving you a glimpse behind the curtain, and exploring this essential part of the collaboration structure and life.

6 November 2017

Impressions from Moriond

The 52nd Rencontres de Moriond conference was held in La Thuile, Italy, from the 18 March to 1 April. The first week, which ran until 25 March, was devoted to the theme "Electroweak interactions and unified theories", while the second week was based on the theme of “QCD and high energy interaction”.

6 April 2017