Adam Abed Abud

Adam Abed Abud

Adam Abed Abud (@Adam_AbedAbud) is an Iraqi-born PhD student currently working on the data acquisition of both the ATLAS and DUNE experiments. Adam is deeply passionate about outreach, science and photography.

ATLAS without Frontiers

For several years, the ICTP Physics Without Frontiers (PWF) programme has been heavily involved with outreach activities to inspire, train and educate young and motivated physics students worldwide. Several members of the ATLAS Collaboration very active in this programme.

14 December 2021

Ten days of Trigger and Data Acquisition at ISOTDAQ

This April marked the 10th anniversary of the International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ). It was a fantastic event that united researchers in physics, computing and engineering, ranging from undergraduate students to post-doctoral scientists. The goal of the school was to teach the "arts and crafts" of triggering and data-acquisition for high-energy physics experiments through a series of lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises.

26 April 2019