Summary of new ATLAS results from Quark Matter 2023

4 September 2023 | By


The International Conference on Ultra-relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions – better known as Quark Matter 2023 – kicked off this week in Houston (Texas, USA). The event brings together both theoretical and experimental physicists from around the world to discuss new developments in high-energy heavy-ion physics. Physicists at Quark Matter are studying heavy-ion collisions to better understand interactions of the strong force (Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)), which describes the interactions between quarks and gluons. These results can provide insight into the properties of the hot and dense state of matter that dominated the early Universe; namely, the quark-gluon plasma.

The ATLAS Collaboration has prepared a variety of new results for the Quark Matter conference, focusing on the study of collisions involving lead ions(Pb+Pb), xenon (Xe+Xe), and lead ions with protons (p+Pb). Check the 2023 Quark Matter tag for the latest updates and explore the full list of new ATLAS results in the links below, which will be updated as the meetings progress.

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