Moriond 2024

First ATLAS measurement of W and Z boson production using Run-3 data

The ATLAS Collaboration has just released its first measurements using LHC Run-3 data of the production rates (“cross sections”) of W and Z bosons.

28 March 2024

Measuring the delicate balance of lepton flavours

In a new result presented at Moriond EW, physicists at the ATLAS Collaboration tested lepton flavour universality between muons and electrons. The precision of the result stands as the best yet-achieved in W-boson decays by a single experiment and surpasses the world average.

25 March 2024

Summary of new ATLAS results from Moriond 2024

This year, the start of Spring marks the beginning of the conference season for particle physicists! All eyes turn to La Thuile, Italy, where the annual Recontres de Moriond conferences will be held.

22 March 2024