Summary of new ATLAS results from LHCP 2022

16 May 2022 | By


The annual conference on Large Hadron Collider physics (LHCP 2022) celebrates its tenth edition this year! For a decade, this week-long event has united the diverse collaborations of scientists studying data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Originally planned as an in-person event in Taipei (Taiwan), it instead kicks off today in video-conference rooms around the world.

The LHCP 2022 programme covers the wide spectrum of LHC physics and technology, from the latest experimental and theoretical results to first looks at the upgraded accelerator and detector operation of Run 3. Members of the ATLAS Collaboration will be giving 41 talks and presenting 48 posters at the conference, unveiling several new analyses of the full LHC Run-2 dataset (recorded 2015–2018).

Key results will be explored in ATLAS Physics Briefings, to be released throughout the conference. Check the LHCP 2022 tag for the latest updates. The full list of new ATLAS results presented at LHCP 2022 is given below.

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New ATLAS results presented at LHCP 2022

Standard Model

Higgs boson

Scalar boson and diboson searches

Top quark

Exotic New Physics

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