Photograph corresponding to CERN courier article: Inspired by software (2019MarApr)
Photograph featured in the CERN courier article for issue 2019MarApr. Contains an image of ATLAS Higgs event, accompanied with a piece of event selection code of an CMS analysis reimplemented by theorists in open code CheckMATE. (Image: CERN)

Software & Computing

The ATLAS Computing System analyses the data produced by the ATLAS detector

Developing and improving computing software used to store, process and analyse vast amounts of collision data.

Data from the ATLAS detector is calibrated, reconstructed and automatically distributed all around the world by the ATLAS Data Management system. The ATLAS Production System then filters through these events and selects the ones needed for a particular type of analysis. This brings the data set down to a manageable size for someone doing an analysis on their laptop.

Software and Computing

Computing grid

All members of the ATLAS Collaboration have equal access possibilities to all ATLAS data

Independently of their geographical location, thanks to the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid. ATLAS computing infrastructure and software are constantly evolving – with the help of members of the Collaboration.


Over 130 computing centres worldwide

They are located on every inhabited continent nursed around the clock by members of the Collaboration.